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Brent Coon and Associates have created this section of our website to acknowledge the tremendous effort on behalf of our attorneys and employees in support of national and local charities. Below are some of the projects that BCA is involved with. For more information on these organization, please click the links below.

Managing office attorney, Art Gonzalez donated $3,000 to the LULAC’s College Scholarship Educational Fund.
Angelica Jimenez & Steve Freeman donate to the March of Dimes.
Carmenza Perdomo donates her time to The United Nations Association.
Andi Coody, Glenda Biles, Lori Slocum & Charlotte Chatelain are all regular contributors of donations to Goodwill.
Attorney Lawrence Gettys and the entire BCA Baton Rouge office participated in the Race for the Cure. Jon Adler, Stephanie Lindauer & Jennifer Stephenson have also made donations in support of this charity.

Mandy Molina and the BCA Corpus Christie office participated in the Salvation Army Toy Drive. Angelica Jimenez is also a contributor to the Salvation Army.

Click here to view a photo from the Toy Drive.

Houston managing office attorney Lou Thompson Black is a regular volunteer at the Children's Museum of Houston.
Todd Baxter is among many BCA attorneys and employees who generously donated to the Red Cross during the Katrina Hurricane disaster.
Andi Coody, of the Beaumont, Texas office is an active microfinance lender with
Steve Freeman is active in donating to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Andi Coody, of the Beaumont, Texas office is a regular volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.
Lloyd Johnson is a contributor to the American Cancer Society. His donations include a round of golf for four in Beaumont, Texas. Stephanie Lindauer is also a member of the organization's Relay for Life Race.
Kathryn Hamoudah is a member of Amnesty International.
Attorneys Lori Slocum and Lou Thompson Black are both contributors and/or volunteers for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Jon Adler is a donor to Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

The entire BCA Baton Rouge office participated in the Walk for Diabetes.

For photos of the event click here.

Charlotte Chatelain is a member and regular contributor to the First Baptist Church Nederland and also make generous donations through the church.
Andi Coody has made monetary contributions to the The Tibet Fund.
  Tollie Windham contributed $1,500 towards a Golf Tournament for The Roosevelt House. Denise Wilhelm, Lisa Dillon Lita Ross, Carol Ware and Linda Richardson have also made contributions to the organization.
Andi Coody has made monetary contributions to Doctors Without Borders.
Carol De La Garza is a member of the American Family Association.
Houston managing office attorney Lou Thompson Black donates to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.
Andi Coody is listed on the National Bone Marrow Donor list
Bonnie Horton and her family are very involved in the Bridges to Life program for the past 4 years.
Lou Thompson Black is a volunteer at the Houston Juvenile Probation Department
Courtney McMillan makes donations to the Palmer Drug Abuse Program.
Andi Coody is a contributor to Malaria No More
Carol De La Garza is a member of the Ladies of Harley
Angelica Jimenez is a donor to Child Advocates.
  The BCA Corpus Christie office made a $500 donation to the Duval County Fair.
  Stephanie Lindauer is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary for Fire Dept.
Carol De La Garza is a member of the Hillary Clinton Campaign Committee and a Democratic Primary Chair Person
Andi Coody makes contributions to The Salk Institute for Biological Research.
Lou Thompson Black makes contributions to the Texas Children's Hospital.
Stephanie Lindauer donated to the Illinois Federation of Hunting Dogs.
  Steve Freeman donated to the Queen of Pink in support of Breast Cancer awareness.
Stephanie Lindauer donates to the National Wildlife Turkey Federation
  Glenda Biles donates to Air Force Widow’s Village
  Lori Slocum has made donations to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Breast Cancer research/awareness, HIV/AIDS research, March of Dimes, Nascar Foundation
Lou Thompson Black donated to the Shoes for Austin program.


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