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Pioneer in toxic litigation, HERSCHEL L. HOBSON, Ph.D., J.D. and his firm join forces with Brent Coon & Associates

Effective June 1st, attorney Herschel Hobson, PhD, JD, has joined the team of Brent Coon & Associates as the National Director of Toxic Litigation. Both attorneys at Dr. Hobson's firm, Tina Hamilton Bradley and Randall J. Collins, along with his staff, are also joining the firm.

As early as 1970, Dr. Hobson had committed himself to protecting working men and women from chemical exposure both in the work place and the home environment. Since Dr. Hobson received his license to practice law in the state of Texas in 1983, he has also fought for the rights of these men and women in the courts. Herschel L. Hobson, Ph.D., J.D. was a licensed Professional Engineer in Civil Engineering by the state of Texas (retired) and he received his Ph.D. in Environmental Health from the University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center, School of Public Health. Dr. Hobson also is a retired certified safety professional and retired certified industrial hygienist. Dr. Hobson's knowledge in these legal and non-legal areas is particularly helpful in litigating chemical exposure cases. Dr. Hobson has litigated cases to a verdict in both the Texas state and federal court systems.

"I am extremely honored to be joining what is now certainly one of the most respected plaintiff's firms in the country", said Dr. Hobson. "In just 5 or 6 years, Brent and his team have grown into not only one of the largest firms but they have achieved national recognition with their litigation skills and trial expertise. The depth of their resources, the multiple BCA trial teams…they can really go the distance and I want to be part of that. Together, we can really make a difference, not just in the courtroom, but as the watch dog of public policy and corporate responsibility that we have come to accept and embrace as our role."

As a leading attorney in occupational matters and personal injury, Dr. Hobson and his team are referred or associated in cases from all over the country where he has served as co-counsel, local counsel or technical expert witness.

Mr. Coon responded, "Dr. Hobson is known around the country as one of the best attorneys in the business. To have his experience, leadership and understanding of the complex litigation issues in the toxic tort arena is a shot of high-octane litigation prowess that make a great team even better. WE are the ones who are honored".

In litigating national and Texas chemical exposure cases against the major oil and chemical companies, Dr. Hobson has accumulated millions of pages of corporate documents, technical articles from medical and scientific literature and deposition transcripts from corporate employees. These documents along with the technical articles are used to show how, why and when the defendants failed to reveal their knowledge of the hazards of asbestos, benzene, vinyl chloride and other materials. Often, this prior knowledge could have prevented the suffering of many Texas Mesothelioma clients. As a lawyer, and as an environmental authority, Dr. Hobson sees a grave injustice in this and seeks to receive compensation for his clients and their suffering.

Dr. Hobson has made a professional commitment to practicing in the area of toxic tort litigation and representing injured workers and their families.

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Brent Coon & Associates was founded in 2001. Today, with 20 offices around the country, it is one of the largest trial law firms in the nation and the epitome of the 21st century law practice. The majority of the firm's cases are referred from attorneys who have confidence in the firm's integrity, expertise and solid work ethic. For more information, visit The firm serves as lead counsel to numerous legal matters, including the BP Texas City Explosion. For his efforts, Brent Coon received the Steven J. Sharp Award (national trial lawyer of the year) from the American Association of Justice, the Clarence Darrow Award, and the USMFW Humanitarian Award and was named one of Texas' Super Lawyers for 2007.

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