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Our Offices & Attorneys

Our Offices & Attorneys

Brent Coon and Associates has attorneys and offices throughout the United States.

Administrative Headquarters
Beaumont, Texas

Brent Coon – Managing Attorney

Toxic Litigation Division
Beaumont Texas (Harrison Office)
Herschel Hobson - Managing Attorney

Houston, Texas (Weslayan Tower)
Lou Thompson Black - Managing Attorney

Houston, TX (Pillot)
Arthur J. Gonzalez - Managing Attorney

Dallas, Texas
Dennis Weitzel - Managing Attorney

Austin, TX
Jim Morris - Managing Attorney

Corpus Christi, TX
Arthur J. Gonzalez - Managing Attorney

Boston, MA
Mike Hugo - Managing Attorney

San Francisco, CA
Rick Brody - Managing Attorney

Baton Rouge, LA
Lawrence Gettys - Managing Attorney

New Orleans, LA
Julie Jacobs - Managing Attorney

Philadelphia, PA
Brian Ketterer - Managing Attorney

Jackson, MS
Alice Coleman - Managing Attorney

St. Louis, MO
James F. Kelly  - Managing Attorney

Cleveland, Ohio
Christopher Hickey - Managing Attorney

Nashville, TN


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BCA Information

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